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The Selman-Troytt Commemoration

Thank you for your interest in Selman-Troytt.
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Enquiries from Journalists, Reviewers, Publishers, Producers, Popes, Baptists, Stuntpersons and others not in those illustrious fields.

N.B. Televangelists must accompany their missives with a cheque for one million guineas, the keys to their private jet and an apology for their hypocrisy.
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Special Note for Web Historians
The Selman-Troytt Postcard Emporium is the oldest purveyor of E-cards on the Internet. A copy of our first Royal Warrant may be examined here. Since the granting of this illustrious award we have been patronised by aristocrats, many of whom insist upon using Selman-Troytt cards to express the depth and sincerity of their affections. Indeed many of our cards - particularly those concerned with incest and paedophilia - have been inspired by a close examination of the aristocracy.

Info on Dave McIntyre or Saj Bashir?

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