Dave McIntyre

I'm looking for Dave McIntyre (on the right in the picture below - the other guy is Andy Nary). Dave was born in London (I think) but has travelled all over the world. Dave was an English Teacher for the Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF) at the Doshen Tappeh Air Force base in the east of Tehran.

I met Dave originally in 1977/1978 at the Amir Kabir Hotel and the Imperial Iranian Air Force, both in Tehran, and met up with him numerous times in London thereafter.

We lost contact in about 1984, when Dave was still in London and I had to return to work in Glasgow.

Dave, if you read this, or if anyone who knows Dave reads this, I'd be grateful if you'd email me using the link below. I'd like to know how to get in touch with him again.


Please mail me here: and write "DAVE McINTYRE INFORMATION !!" in the subject line so I can find it amongst all the spam I get :o) Thanks!

David 'Dave' McIntyre
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