Do you know Saj Bashir? Have you ever lent him any money or had him take money from you? If so, did you have trouble getting it back?

We figure that if someone doesn't honour a debt then he deserves a place on 'Welsher's Wall'.

If Saj Bashir takes money from you for a job or project, this is what you can expect:

My bad experince with Saj Bashir, Painter and Decorator, 24 Larch Close, Balham, SW12 9SY.

Saj Bashir took a large amount of money from me for a job and then disappeared. All subsequent attempts to trace him and get the money back failed as he constantly ducked phone calls, moved address or promised repayment and then disappeared again.

If you have a similar experience, or have had success in getting money off this cowboy, please let us know on the address below.

and write "SAJ BASHIR INFORMATION !!" in the subject line so we can find it amongst all the spam we get :o) Thanks!

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