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The Selman-Troytt Commemoration
Jules Lenoir Matilde Lenoir
Jules and Matilde Lenoir

Connected to the famous Perpignan Lenoirs, Jules and his delightful bride came often to England for hospitalisation, preferring the then prevailing hygiene standards of the British institutions to what they described as the 'Filth! Excremental filth ... fit only for a Spaniard!' of their native French clinics.

Invariably segregated in single-sex and non-adjacent establishments, the Lenoirs spent only three months together during their first eleven years of marriage. Always loyal, Matilde once confided to a friend that she loved Jules even when he seeped 'without surcease'.

Special Note for Web Historians
The Selman-Troytt Postcard Emporium is the oldest purveyor of E-cards on the Internet. A copy of our first Royal Warrant may be examined here. Since the granting of this illustrious award we have been patronised by aristocrats, many of whom insist upon using Selman-Troytt cards to express the depth and sincerity of their affections. Indeed many of our cards - particularly those concerned with incest and paedophilia - have been inspired by a close examination of the aristocracy.

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