The Selman-Troytt Commemoration The Selman-Troytt Commemoration Details of the published version of The Selman-Troytt Papers, which contains extensive additional material about Jeremy Selman-Troytt. Pub. by Old Street Publishing

John Selman-Troytt Jonas Selman-Troytt
John & Jonas Selman-Troytt

Together with Jonah, John (left) and Jonas (right) formed the infamous Selman-Troytt Triumvirate that was to spearhead the distribution of Troytt Putty ("A thousand and one household uses" ran the advertising slogan dreamed up by Josiah) to all parts of the British Empire in the last quarter of the 19th century.

Their tactics were ruthless and woe befell any competitor who stood in their way. To appeal to the foreign purchaser John created a new slogan: "Fit for a Maharajah's windows", whilst Jonas systematically broke the legs of anyone who entered their offices. Within a very short time they grew to dominate the world's markets.

In Britain they enjoyed a total monopoly and many were the glaziers 'persuaded' into increasing their orders, often to three or four times their actual annual putty requirement, so that the unused surplus simply hardened in their bulging pockets.

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