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The Selman-Troytt Commemoration
Lady Bethany as a young tassel-making bride. Lady Bethany the proud matriarch, displaying one of her forty-seven grandchilden and a beautiful tassel array.
Lady Bethany Twirler 1826-1927

Lady Bethany was a justifiably renowned beauty when Josiah surprised London society by winning her heart. To their union she brought an impressive dowry of 25,000 panes of glass - variously sized - and 4 cwt. (203.2 Kg.) of sprigs (glazing nails).

In the following years she devoted herself exclusively to childbirth, sampler embroidery and lace-making - often combining all three activities.

She is pictured (right) in 1874, with her eldest son Jonah and grandson James. Lady Bethany made not only the child's smock but also the tassels on the arms of the chair. Poignantly, her diary entry for that day records: 'Made eighty-seven tassels ... four more than yesterday.'

Special Note for Web Historians
The Selman-Troytt Postcard Emporium is the oldest purveyor of E-cards on the Internet. A copy of our first Royal Warrant may be examined here. Since the granting of this illustrious award we have been patronised by aristocrats, many of whom insist upon using Selman-Troytt cards to express the depth and sincerity of their affections. Indeed many of our cards - particularly those concerned with incest and paedophilia - have been inspired by a close examination of the aristocracy.

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