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The Selman-Troytt Commemoration

Adults Only - ARE YOU SURE?

Whilst contrived with the utmost taste and delicacy, the following educational postcards are intended specifically for an 'Adults Only' audience because they deal with matters of form, behaviour, uncertainty and fear that only adults should encounter in their sexual and social dealings.

Proceed ONLY if you are an adult within the definition specified by the country or state where you are viewing this. In the U.K. that would be 18+.

Special Note for Web Historians
The Selman-Troytt Postcard Emporium is the oldest purveyor of E-cards on the Internet. A copy of our first Royal Warrant may be examined here. Since the granting of this illustrious award we have been patronised by aristocrats, many of whom insist upon using Selman-Troytt cards to express the depth and sincerity of their affections. Indeed many of our cards - particularly those concerned with incest and paedophilia - have been inspired by a close examination of the aristocracy.

Info on Dave McIntyre or Saj Bashir?

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