JST Journal
Journal Notes for February 17th, 1884

I have decided to start a journal so that in this, my sixteenth year, I can begin to record the miscellany of ideas and questions that course through my brain in a single day. Always so many questions. Cook says I ask too many questions, but I am not sure. I asked father about this but he treated me to one of his prolonged silences and then struck me a blow to the chin with a muttered oath.

I am determined to begin my explorations as soon as I have research materials at my disposal. In the mean time I shall take note of the first subjects that will occupy my study:

- Why do knees bend only in one direction? Surely they would be of greater value if they articulated in all directions?

- Why does pain hurt? When I am punched how comes the pain to be there? Is it a gathering of some black humour at the site of the contusion that causes the bruise?

- Is Father correct in his assertion that wearing a pair of canvas gaiters will prevent varicose veins?

JST Journal
Journal Notes for August 17th, 1885

I have today read the most marvellous account of an extraordinary engine which has quite determined me upon a study of the genitals. I am intrigued to learn the principal correlation of the physical parts and should be fascinated to attempt an engine of my own.

Perhaps I can prevail upon father for funding?!? I am convinced that I should be able to reduce the weight considerably, perhaps to as little as 50 lbs, so that the entire contrivance should become portable. Perhaps it could be housed inside a suitcase for convenience. In that way a gentleman could carry it about his person at all times so as to have it available when required. I am so excited by this that I can barely sleep!! I shall begin some preliminary designs tomorrow. In the meantime I shall inform Fairbanks that I require his genitals for study.

JST Journal
Journal Notes for July 27th, 1893

- Another restless night, apparently. My third since records began. But I have no explanation save the possibility that I am disturbed by contemplation of my work. I am haunted constantly by the premonition of a startling breakthrough.

- Am angered beyond measure to discover that my trousers, which were sent to my tailor for lengthening, have been returned with the fly closed.

- Lunch short - soup strange but not unpleasant. Avocados producing no noticeable effect. Have issued each member of staff with 5lbs of lentils and strict instructions.

- NOTE : I discover by measurement that the circumference of my thigh (19 3/8th inches) is very similar to that of my ankle (17 7/8th inches), and that they are in the ratio 1 12/143 : 1 ... Significant? Connection with other ratios? e.g. neck to bicep, wrist to waist, etc.? Could such correlation be related to wealth, as with phrenology? Must pursue. Measure staff tomorrow.

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