Editor's Note

A large proportion of what follows is taken from two principal sources: selections made by Professor Reginald L'Ampere from Selman-Troytt's own manuscripts, notes, journals, diaries, correspondence and articles; and the much later biographical research conducted mainly by Finlay Finlayson during the years 1948 - 1956, when membership of the Selman-Troytt Appreciation Society (S.T.A.S.) was growing as Selman-Troytt's popularity began to surge. This latter source is supplemented in places by the even later work of other S.T.A.S. researchers and archivists. I am indebted to them all for their kindness and patience in allowing me to read their work and then ask them what it all meant. Profound thanks also go to S.T.A.S. for permission to reproduce photographs and illustrations from its extensive archive.

I have made few amendments to the texts - allowing occasional lapses in syntax, or unorthodox spellings, to carry the flavour of their respective authors unless ambiguity may result - and have contented myself with blending the divergent parts into a coherent and cohesive narrative.

This book would not have been possible without the patience and cooperation of Detective Inspector Francisco Polenta and Detective Sergeant Jeff 'Bunny' Warren, and without the care and kindness of the staff at the genito-urinary department of St. Thomas' Hospital, London. Thanks also go to Professor Eric Garvey for the use of his highlighter pens, and to Professor Gibson who was kind enough to drive from Exeter to Mull with an emergency replacement typewriter ribbon.

Thanks go also to Jay and Kasey von Kinderei-Borra, without whose invaluable archiving skills this book would not have been possible. Much gratitude also to Dr Flavio Genissi for advice on the application of Gentomycin.

Students with a need to study Selman-Troytt's work in more depth are referred to the works themselves (facsimiles of which were reprinted by Oxford University Press in the period 1950-58) or to sources, such as the standard dermatological textbook: Down to the Last Flake (London: Dooshaft & Patel) which have a reasonable selection of Selman-Troytt material within them.

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