Finlay Finlayson, F.S.T.A.S., B.A. (Oxon.)

I find that I am most terribly excited by this news. Terribly excited indeed; to hear the news about the re-publication of Selman-Troytt's ground-breaking works.

They are to be accompanied by my own very much poorer efforts at research and exegesis from over fifty years ago. Very much poorer. Rereading my own notes now I am aware of their limitations but I am able still to hear a young man's zeal and enthusiasm illuminating the texts. To read it. Now. After so many years. Makes me. Makes me feel. Young. Feel young again. In a way that is terribly exciting. And which makes me feel lighter. As if I were less heavy.

Recently some men came and told me about the worldwide resurgence of popularity that Selman-Troytt has enjoyed in the last few years. It made me so happy that I found that I was crying. After so many decades of neglect it was an emotional moment for me to think that Jeremy's work was once more in the hands of the cognoscenti. It is sometimes difficult to recall everything accurately but I think I have not cried so passionately for many years. Probably it was that episode with the fig. On the eve of Suez. I think that was the last time.

Having no immediate family I would like it here recorded that I leave to the Selman-Troytt Appreciation Society the balance of my estate. The balance, that is, after the deductions of expenses by executors and debts by creditors. And also excluding the Mandarin porcelain blue vase which I hereby bequeath to my indispensable assistant Amanda. She has been a wonderful assistant and I care very deeply for her. Amanda Thrippshorne. Amanda Susan Thrippshorne, I think it is. It is in my study next to the oil portrait of Gough Whitlam. The vase, I mean. Amanda has often admired it. She may also have the pewter toast rack if she can find a use for it. She may need help to lift it. Perhaps the executors could help. Everything else to the Society. I hope that's clear? Everything, except the vase and the toast rack ... unless Amanda doesn't want the toast rack ... in which case give it to the Society as well.

To the intrepid and perspicacious publishers, my heartfelt thanks. To Professor L'Ampere, my professional respect. To all pioneers of the life sciences, my sincerest encouragements. To fellow Selman-Troytt enthusiasts the world over, my deepest love.

Finlay Finlayson
(Founder and Fellow of the Selman-Troytt Appreciation Society)
St Bartholomew Hospital, London, September 2006
Dictated to Mrs. Sylvia Westbrook

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