JST Journal
Journal notes for June 9th 1894

All frogs now twice normal size. Newts unchanged. An anomaly. I am both angered and unsettled. Interestingly, nothing happened when I rubbed the silver nitrate on them. It is a frustration I could have done without in my present physical state. Richards writes to say that he prospers, and that his family are well, and that he wishes me well. Why does he bother me with this trivia at such a critical stage! Should I care about his mundanities? The rudeness of some people is beyond measure!

JST Journal
Journal notes for August 27th 1894

Very hot and difficult evening with Dundry in Atheneum. Between six o'clock and ten minutes of nine he maintained persistently and argumentatively that he had erectile dysfunction, and when those assembled there cast doubts upon the notion he then angrily displayed a rigidly erect penis to prove his point!!?!! I, for one, was infuriated. When I pointed out the (to me at any rate!) self-evident contradiction he became inflamed and abusive. Gatter, Cholpley and Sturge sided with me, but Guscott supported Dundry (again!) I suspect out of contrariness. I think it made me realise how much I hate him, even though he has remained a close friend for many years.

I took my leave within minutes. I had to walk home with my thighs chafing painfully.

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